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Our Data-Driven Approach

Central Highlands Energy Assessments helps Households & Small Businesses achieve Sustainability by taking control of their Energy Demand and Energy Supply and rewarding them with Lower Energy Bills.

We offer Independent Advice for Householders & Small Business Owners who are considering:

  • Installing a Grid-Connect Solar Power System
  • Adding Batteries to an Existing On-Grid Solar Power System
  • Installing a Solar or Heat Pump Hot Water System
  • Buying an Electric Vehicle (EV)
  • Replacing Gas Central Heating with Electric Alternatives
  • Getting Off Gas / Going All-Electric Completely

Our Advice is based on over a Decade running a Supply & Install Operation for On-Grid/Grid-Connect & Off-Grid Solar Power Systems & Solar / Heat Pump Hot Water.

We take a uniquely Data-Driven Approach demanding "Show me the Data !!!" so that we can answer Your Questions and make Recommendations in far greater detail and with far greater confidence.

We can help if you need Independent Advice to answer Questions like:

  • Should I add Batteries to my Existing Solar Power System ?
  • Should I chose Solar Hot Water, a Heat Pump Hot Water Service or a Solar PV to Hot Water Element Diverter ?
  • How Many Solar Panels will I need to charge My New Electric Vehicle (EV) ?
  • What is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Go All-Electric / Get Off Gas Step by Step ?
  • Can Solar Power contribute significantly to running Space Heating Systems ?
  • What Electric Space Heating Technologies are a Good Match for running using Solar Power ?
  • How can I maximize the Economic and Sustainability Benefits of my Solar Power Systems by using Timers to run Hot Water Systems, Space Heating Systems, Dishwashers, Clothes Washing Machines, Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers ?
  • How Large does my Battery need to be to give me the Backup Duration Period I need ?
  • How Much will it cost to setup an Off-Grid Solar Power System ?
  • What Trade-Offs can I make between Upfront Cost and Ongoing Convenience to stay Under Budget when setting up an Off-Grid Solar Power System ?

... backed by Detailed Analysis of Your Actual Energy Demand Profile presented in a Written Report with Verbal Consultation ...

Technical Details

No need to get your head around any this (unless you want to !!!); We love Data so you do not have to !!!

We work with Data from:

  • Revenue Smart Meters (ie. NEM12 Format)
  • Electricity Retailers (eg. Origin Energy, Amber Electric, ...)
  • Solar & Battery Inverters
  • Weather Stations
  • Dataloggers

Data Formats we work with regularly include:

  • NEM12 (AEMOs Format used by Smart Meters owned by Australian Mains Grid Operators)
  • Fronius SolarWeb
  • Selectronic SP-PRO/
  • Victron VRM
  • NREL PvWatts TMY (Typical Meterological Year)
  • PowerPal

... but we are always happy to work with Data exported from any Solar Inverter or Datalogger Brand ...

Of love of Data, means we are developing some Free Online Tools to for Analysis of Renewable Energy Data ...

And for More Detailed Analysis please consider Our Consultation & Report Services ...